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Wittenborg International is an international daughter company of the Danish company Incentive, a supplier for the industrial services industry, with a focus on industrial cleaning and automated dispensing of hot beverages. Wittenborg specialises in leasing and sale of food and drink vending machines. The company was founded in 1924 by Alex Wittenborg. In 1954, Erik Wittenborg expanded the companies'activities to the US. In 1963, he stopped Wittenborg's production of tobacco related machines for reasons of principle. Wittenborg exports around 90% of its production, mainly to Western Europe and the US.

Wittenborg machines were for some time imported and distributed by Natoma In 1999, Wittenborg's address in the Netherlands is listed in Boxtel. This is a private dwelling, so it is likely used for administrative purposes only.

  • Note that diameter varies between 22.6 and 22.8mm - weight 5.8g and 6.1g
Filename BWB1
Side 2 2 cups on serving tray
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 22.6
Weight (grams) 5.8
Source Malj1