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Indexes to this site

If you are looking for a specific token, search (above right) for the text on the token. If you want to see a list of issuers or background information, use these indexes.

Rights and licenses

We believe that all illustrations on this site are either free of rights or posted with permission of the owner. If you know that any picture is not free of rights, please let us know and we will remove it. Texts are based on research. The main sources are acknowledged. If your work was used and not acknowledged or if you are unhappy with the acknowledgement let us know and we will try very hard to solve the issue.

The content of this site is made available free of charge to all comers. It was created by unpaid volunteers with many hours of research as well as their own knowledge and collections. If you pilfer their work, you are at best demotivating them, at worst you are making them stop contributing. If that doesn't stop you from theft, we will come after you. There are very small identifying marks on almost all pictures. We will try hard to find out who you are and where you live, complain to your provider, publish what we find out and do anything else we can to make your life as difficult as possible, because that is what you would deserve. If you make us mad enough we'll hire a lawyer. Seriously. Would you want the world to know that you stand accused of theft?

If you want to use a small amount of data for your own research, go right ahead. If you want to use an important quantity of data for non-commercial use, ask the contributors. They like to say yes. If you want to use data for commercial purposes - that emphatically includes commercial cataloguing sites - the answer is no.


  • We need details of missing tokens from the token lists, plus scans of those tokens we don't currently have. Can you help?
  • Our logo (top left) was created by Annovi Frizio. Click on it to return to this page. Visit his web site to see more of his work. If you know where he could apply for a coin design project, please tell him.

World of Coins organises World of Tokens. Both sites and their owners decline all responsibility for any action or content on other sites or groups it does not control, whether or not on the internet, even if their names are similar or the same.

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