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Daalderop model.jpg

J. N. Daalderop started a metal household products company in Tiel in 1880. Its modern-looking Jugendstil objects were quite successful, but the company was flexible and ready to please large customers with design variants. As the country electrified, the Daalderop family started experimenting with items from lighting to warm water shaving basins. This business line ended up making home heating elements and boilers. The style of design slowly evolved to art deco, but tin objects were often still in 18th century style. Daalderop's best known invention may be the double-walled teapot that kept tea hot without a cozy. Photo showing model of the old factory: Collectie Gelderland

The recession of the 1980s hit Daalderop hard. It responded in time, though, by curtailing production to heating, giving up on household items, partnering with former competitor Itho and moving to smaller premises in 2005. The previous factory has been re-developed for housing.

Filename TDA1
Side 1 DAALDEROP in swirl
Side 2 blank
Manufacture Copper-nickel
Size (mm) 22.5
Weight (grams)
Source Figleaf